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10 Reasons Why Hunting Defines Who I Am

Posted by John McAdams - Sep 08, 2015

10 Reasons Why Hunting Defines Who I Am

To many people, hunting is more than a sport. As a proud hunter, I’m not afraid to say that hunting is a very important part of my life and a major component of my identity. Here are 10 reasons why hunting defines who I am.

I Am A Conservationist
Hunting is conservation. Every year, hunters in North America contribute millions of dollars towards conservation through taxes on licenses, permits, firearms, and ammunition. In fact, hunters are the biggest single group that funds conservation efforts.

I Love Nature
Any serious hunter will spend countless hours in the outdoors each year. Even during hunts when I do not see (let alone shoot) a big game animal, I’m always in awe of all the other beautiful things in nature that I do not normally appreciate, but I get to experience up close on a hunt.

I Am A Meat Eater
If you are a meat eater, being a hunter is a great way to get access to some very high quality (not to mention healthy) meat. A single deer yields dozens of pounds of fresh meat while an elk can yield hundreds of pounds of venison. No matter how you slice it, the fact remains: a skilled hunter will rarely be short of meat.

I Am Patient
Hunting involves a tremendous amount of work and preparation. It can be extremely tedious and mind numbing at times. In fact, it can take dozens of hours of preparation, practice, and actual time spent hunting just to have the opportunity to squeeze the trigger or let your arrow fly. Those that are impatient will never get that opportunity and will not be successful.

Humans Are Predators
There is no way around it: human beings are predators. Like wolves and other predators, our eyes are located on the front of our heads in order to give us better depth perception to aid in stalking game. Though many animals are larger, faster, and stronger than humans, we are one of the few species that has the intelligence necessary to use tools, which evens the playing field quite a bit. Throughout the vast majority of human history, we have been hunters. So, according to that line of thinking, it is actually more unusual for someone to NOT hunt than the other way around.

I Am Always Learning
No matter how much you know (or think you know) about hunting, there is always much more to learn. A good hunter is one who is constantly learning more about nature, animals, and hunting itself.

I Want To Be Closer To My Food
Free range, non-GMO, and organic are all adjectives pertaining to food that are commonly thrown around these days. Well, meat doesn’t get any more free range than the meat you get from wild game. It’s also tough to get any more involved in the process than killing your dinner yourself and butchering it with your own two hands.

I Love Spending Time With My Family And Friends
Some of the best hunting trips that I’ve ever been on are the ones where I was hunting with my friends or family. Having someone important to you with you during a hunt makes the experience that much sweeter.

I appreciate The Little Things In Life
The details are very important to a successful hunt. A difference of a few seconds or inches can make or break a hunt. The most successful hunters are the ones that appreciate and understand the little things in life.

I Am A Good Steward Of The Environment
Hunters should be good stewards of the environment. Not only is litter and pollution unsightly, but it is bad for the long term hunting prospects in a given area. It is important for hunters to be good stewards of the environment, if for no other reason other than to help preserve a place for good hunting in the future.

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