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5 Hunting Gear Essentials That Every Hunter Should Own

Posted by John McAdams - Jun 17, 2015

Regardless of where he or she lives, or what game they pursue, you can’t go wrong with buying some new hunting gear for that special hunter in your life. It’s true that the incredible variety of equipment out there can be mind boggling, but this list of hunting gear essentials is sure to satisfy. These five pieces of hunting gear are the perfect essentials for any hunter.

1. Bell Mosquito Jacket
Few things ruin an otherwise pleasant day outdoors than a cloud of angry mosquitos. Luckily, the Bell Mosquito Jacket (Models MB1200 & 1300) is great for keeping the bugs away while hunting, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors. Made of lightweight, 100% nylon material, the Bell Mosquito Jacket is clear enough to read a newspaper while wearing one. It is also fire retardant and comes with elastic on the waist and adjustable cuffs on the sleeves to ensure that no annoying mosquitos make it inside the jacket with you.

2. Pro-Lite Duck Hunters Value Pack
One thing a waterfowl hunter can never have too much of is decoys. The Pro-Lite Hunters Value Pack (Model PL55512) comes with a total of 12 16” long decoys, making this a good choice for that waterfowl hunter on your gift list. The pack includes 4 drakes, 4 hens, 1 drake feeding, 1 hen feeding, 1 hen sleeping, and 1 drake sleeping. These beautiful decoys also come with weighted keels for stability in the water. Their beautiful paint job and variety of positions make them quite effective out in the field. With enough of these decoys out in front of your duck blind, your spread will be irresistible to ducks.

3. Golden Retriever GR 2900
Regardless of the activity, nobody likes cold, wet feet. Luckily, that won’t be a problem for the hunter lucky enough to wear a pair of Golden Retriever GR 2900. Lined with 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation and well designed for comfort during extended periods of wear. The boots include a high traction rubber outsole, slip resistant & oil resistant, nylon camo pattern, allowing for maximum concealment in the woods. Their high tops cover the ankle and provide maximum support during strenuous activities. The Golden Retriever GR 2900 boots are available in sizes 7-13.

4. Bell 52" Soft Long Gun Case Camo
The Bell 52” Soft Long Gun Case (Model: Bell 52-Camo) is an easy recommendation to make to fellow hunters. Not only is it long enough to use on either a shotgun or a rifle, but it is thickly padded and will protect your long guns on those long, bumpy truck or boat rides. Additionally, it is camouflaged, making it a good choice for use in a waterfowl or turkey blind where it is critical that nothing look out of place to the prey. The Bell 52” Soft Long Gun Case also has an accessory pocket on the side that is great for holding any tools or other accessories that you may need to keep close at hand while using your long gun.

5. Coyote Juice Calling Scent
Coyote Juice (Model: WRC526) is the perfect gift for a serious predator hunter. This stuff is developed specifically for use on coyotes and appeals to their territorial as well as their hunting instincts. Combined with a good calling set-up, Coyote Juice really gives a predator hunter a serious edge against these curious, but clever creatures. Use your calling skills to fool the coyote’s ears while you use Coyote Juice to fool its nose. Put the two together and the coyotes don’t stand a chance.

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