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DIY Fire Starters For Your Next Hunting Trip

Posted by John McAdams - Aug 04, 2015

DIY Fire Starters For Your Next Hunting Trip

Do you sometimes struggle to get a fire started when you’re out in the woods hunting or camping? Starting a fire doesn’t have to be difficult. Try out these DIY fire starters for your next hunting trip and I guarantee that they will make it much easier to get a fire started, regardless of the conditions at the time. Additionally, all of the materials are commonly found in most homes and are lightweight, easy to carry, and cheap.

Dryer Lint
Since it consists mainly of cotton fibers, dryer lint is very flammable and easy to ignite. Stuff it into either a cardboard toilet paper or paper towel roll for ease of carry. When you need it, the lint and cardboard combine to make a flame that is both hot and easy to ignite. Try to make a point of cleaning out your dryer lint trap before a hunting or camping trip to make sure you’ve got plenty of kindling to start your fire with.

Potato Chips
Due to the grease and oil that are present in high concentrations in most potato chips, they make great fire starters. This is one area where unhealthier is better. The really nice thing about these is that they are often something that is present in most hunting camps. Simply apply an open flame to the edge of the potato chip and stand back as it ignites with a very hot flame.

Shredded Paper
I like to use hunting or camping trips as an opportunity to empty my office shredder. This gives me access to a good fire starter, while at the same time allowing me to properly dispose of the contents of my shredder. The tiny scraps of shredded paper are lightweight, compact, and easy to ignite. After preparing your fire, just apply a match to a handful of the paper scraps and watch your fire crackle to life.

Cotton Balls
Cotton balls soaked in alcohol or petroleum jelly have long been a fire starting staple for back country hikers, campers, and hunters. After soaking them in your desired fuel, just pack the cotton balls in a sealed plastic bag for storage. This will keep them dry and ready for use when you need them. Cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly are not only hot burning and easy to ignite, but they will burn for several minutes as well. This makes them perfect for starting a fire when the wood is a little damp.

Cotton based feminine hygiene products can serve both first aid and fire starting needs. If using them to start a fire, just rip the tampon open to expose the cotton. By itself, the cotton is already very good kindling for a fire. However, hand sanitizer (if it contains alcohol) may be added to the tampon to make it even easier to start a fire with.

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