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    Secure your firearms with Bell locks, so you and your family can rest easy. Keep your hunting gear in a discrete location to assure safety in your home.

    Cable & Trigger Locks - Bell Outdoors


Bell Trigger Lock

  • Helps to protect your guns from unauthorized use and reduces exposure to liabilities.
  • Fits most rifles, shotguns and handguns.
  • Easy to install and release.
  • High quality die-cast construction.
  • Rubber pads to prevent scratching.
  • For lever actions, use Bell cable locks.

  • B100KA-PINK - Pink keyed alike
  • B100KA - Keyed alike
  • B100KD - Keyed different
  • BULK-B100KA - Keyed alike - 25/tray
  • B600 - Combination

Bell Cable Lock

  • Best for lever action rifles, but can also be used for pump action shotguns.
  • Helps prevent unauthorized use and reduces exposure to liabilities.
  • Prevents lever from being cocked.
  • 8" Cable goes through steel lever loop and around gun lock.
  • Vinyl coated to protect your gun.

  • B300-8 KD - 8” keyed different
  • B300-8 KA - 8" keyed alike
  • B300-15 KA - 15" keyed alike
  • B300-15 KD - 15" keyed different
  • B500-8” - 8" combination

Bell Economy Trigger Lock

  • Economy lock.
  • For shotguns and rifles.
  • Three pieces on header card.

MODEL#: B200-3